How to Keep Your PMS Beast at Bay



Women are incredible.

They spend their days multitasking life to perfection – taking care of work, family, the house, friends, their health… The best way to describe a woman is as a force of nature… until that time of the month comes and nature forces itself back onto you.

This time we’re not talking about your period, we’re talking about that savage monster called… PMS. The rush of hormones hits you and it feels like your emotions enter warp drive and there’s no stopping them. Even though you might feel like you’re not acting any different, it will make you hunt down whoever says those cursed words of ‘She’s PMSing’. There’s no denying that your body is experiencing an overload of hormones and you’re more sensitive to everything. It’s hormones, so unfortunately, it’s not like we can fully help ourselves… but we can try! Here are some tips on how to tame your PMS beast if it ever misbehaves.

That moment when…

You’re at work and an avalanche of misfortune comes down on you.

Maybe your new project just got canceled. Or you found out a coworker was going behind your back and spreading stories. Or maybe your boss is just extra hard on you for no reason. And that’s when the PMS beast shows it’s horns. You’re steaming and about 0.1 seconds from ripping someone apart.

Take that 0.1 second to walk away from whatever is causing the internal rage to surface. Go to the balcony and take a few fresh breaths. Take a break and go for a walk. Call up a friend and rant your frustrations to them – talking to someone about it will calm you down a bit. Maybe all you need is a large cup of coffee and some music – or a meditation from your Bellabeat app!

Find the thing that works for you when it comes to releasing excess stress, and stick to it! Or you can always do some physical activity and use that to get rid of your frustrations. Bonus point: You can imagine that the boxing bag you’re kicking is your boss (or whoever made you angry!)

You become the evolved version of the Cookie Monster and eat everything.

Suddenly every flavor goes together. Mayo and chocolate? Sounds disgusting and would give you goosebumps on any other day but hey, you’re PMSing, it’s all you have in the fridge and you’re open to giving it a try. Maybe you’ve already eaten your lunch at work, 10 minutes go by and suddenly your coworkers leftovers look like a meal from some fancy Paris restaurant that always halves the potions. So you give that a try too, food waste is a problem you don’t want to contribute to, right? What follows this is a new load of guilt and self-reprimanding.

Luckily, there’s a way to stop your PMS from taking ahold of your stomach (and eyes)! Firstly, drink water. Lots and lots of water. You’ll feel full and, simply put, leave less room for food.

After that doesn’t work (because who are we kidding), go grab a salad and eat it to the last bit. Or maybe some carrots, celery and hummus. Why? You’ll do your body good, and once again, fill your stomach with much needed vitamins and minerals. Of course, there’s a real chance that PMS just won’t be having any of your healthy attempts, and will demand you give into your cravings.

But wait! There’s a secret weapon! Buy a block of dark chocolate, and when you feel your cravings come in, take a piece of it. You can let it slowly melt in your mouth or just eat it all at once. Dark chocolate is proven to boost your happiness the same way regular sweets do, but it’s healthy and you’ll feel satisfied by eating less of it. After a while, you’ll get used to the flavor as well and maybe it becomes your PMS staple food!

Your partner is amazing… usually.

But somehow they picked the worst time to forget all about your weeks-in-advance planned date night. Or better yet, they conveniently invited friends over for game-night with a brewski, or two, or three. On any other day, this would cause some annoyance and disappointment, maybe a quick argument where you make sure (s)he apologizes for this tiny brain moment, and that is it.

Before you start yelling your heart out and consider packing your things and leaving for the Himalayas, or Hawaii (whichever is furthest) for good, think twice and go with “me” time closer to home instead. Why not go to the movies? You really wanted to go check that new Gerard Butler movie anyway. How about a hair and nail appointment? Or maybe a nice massage is exactly what you need.

There’s no time like now to enjoy a bit of pampering. Call your girlfriends, they might be in equal (desperate) need of good company. Have a girls night, and relax. Some ranting with your girlfriends about ‘all (wo)men suck’ will definitely make you feel better about what happened.

Your little angels decided to show their mommy some love and share their artistic talent…

so you come home to a new pattern drawn onto your walls. Sure those doodles are creative, but it’s an expensive form of creativity that will cost you to fix.

You might be close to snapping at them, and you subconsciously know that you will regret it later. Maybe they will never color the wall again, but they might also lose their creative drive because they will associate it with that experience and how you handled it. You definitely need to tell your kids that this is not acceptable behavior – maybe you can make them help you repaint the wall.

But after you’re done lecturing them, why not let go a bit?

Your wall is already ruined. What’s done is done. So take some colors and draw something on it as well! Have some fun with your kids. Tell them this is the only time they can color the walls, and explain that you will need to cover it up later. This will help you relieve some stress, give you a great bonding experience with your kids – and a wonderful memory.

It feels great when you get something good out of a bad situation, and you’ll feel your mood is much better once you’re done with your artistic wall expression – not to mention you’ll probably become your kids new superhero.

Speaking of superheroes, we hope you’re aware you are one!

You fight a monster once a month, in addition to all the other things you do. You do it because it’s just how you are. And that makes you super.