4 Best Mobility Exercises For Flexibility



Are you sitting a lot throughout the day? Back pain is one of the most common concerns among people today as sedentary jobs are becoming more common. Mobility exercises are one of the best ways to keep your body healthy and prevent injuries. We’re bringing you the 4 best upper-body mobility exercises that will reduce back pain and improve your posture immediately.

Why are mobility exercises important?

Mobility is closely related to joint health. In order to be fully mobile, the joints must be flexible, stable, and strong enough to allow a full range of motion. It is possible to develop flexibility, endurance, and strength by caring for your body and doing daily stretches and exercises.

A well-stretched muscle more easily achieves its full range of motion. This improves athletic performance and functional abilities, such as reaching, bending, or stooping during daily tasks.

– Harvard Medical School

4 best upper-body mobility exercises to reduce tension

1. Arm Rolls

This exercise focuses on the mobility of your wrists, elbows, and shoulders. It helps release tension from your forearms and elbows that are often a result of repetitive movements such as typing, sewing, or other similar activities.

Focus: Wrists, elbows, and shoulders
Intensity: Low
Benefit: Reduced tension in shoulders, forearms, and elbows
Duration: 2 sets of 15 repetitions

2. Half Body Circles

This exercise activates both your upper body, as well as your core and lower back. It focuses on releasing tension in areas of your body often affected by extensive sitting and poor posture.

Focus: Lower back, shoulders, core, and arms
Intensity: Low
Benefit: Reduced tension in your lower back, shoulders, and core
Duration: 2 sets of 15 repetitions

3. Arm Oscillations

This exercise is a simple way to immediately release tension from your upper back, neck, and shoulders. Its consecutive movements make a perfect office stretch that can help you regain focus and make other physical tasks easier.

Focus: Upper back, shoulders, side abs, and neck
Intensity: Low
Benefit: Reduced tension in your upper back, neck, shoulders, and side abs
Duration: 2 sets of 15 repetitions

4. Reaching Up And Down

This is one of the most muscle-engaging exercises in this group that activates all of your upper body muscles. Performing it daily can help you reduce lower back pain and improve the flexibility needed for performing everyday tasks.

Focus: Whole upper body
Intensity: Low-medium
Benefit: Reduced tension in the whole upper body and core.
Duration: 2 sets of 15 repetitions

Mobility exercises can help everyone who wants to feel more agile and improve their performance. By performing these 4 exercises daily, you’ll feel the improvement in your shoulder mobility and posture, reducing the strain on your lower back.

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