How Yoga Can Help You Build Confidence



Posture is one of the main tale-tellers of your confidence. Slouching, your shoulders facing the floor, head looking down are all examples of body language consistent with a lack of confidence.

We’ve all been faced with situations that made us less confident, but we can be the ones preventing it from happening again! When thinking about yoga, we mostly focus on its physical benefits instead of focusing on the benefits it can have for our mental health. As yoga has many different advantages, we decided to focus on how practicing it can help you become more confident.

Gives you more energy

Similar to other physical activities, yoga increases the blood flow to your brain and can control your stress levels by giving you an opportunity to zone out and relax.

As it works almost all muscles in your body, having a continuous yoga routine makes your muscles stronger, leaner and more flexible which makes it easier for you to move and perform your daily tasks.

Having more muscle mass and increased muscle flexibility results in having more energy throughout the day. This can all make you less susceptible to stress and more confident in your abilities!

Promotes good posture

We talked about the importance of a good posture at the beginning of this article as it is one of the easiest ways you can become more confident! Yoga will not only make you more energized, but will develop and strengthen your back and shoulder muscles, straightening your back and making you seem taller, and therefore more confident.

By having a good posture you’re presenting yourself as someone who is not easily discouraged, someone bold and courageous.

Improves your motor functions

We’ve all seen a similar situation — someone is walking into a room and as soon as they open the door, they’re already on the floor. Tripping is not uncommon and being clumsy is something we shouldn’t be ashamed of.

Well, it has been proven that yoga improves your motor functions as well as your attention so you’ll be less likely to fall down or trip over your own feet. By learning continuous movements characteristic for yoga, your body will become more perceptive of itself, it’s poses and your surrounding environment, even after only a few months!

Releases tension

Our bodies translate built up stress into physical tension. Yoga helps to unlock and release it. By doing so, it prevents stress from accumulating and resulting in chronic physical and psychological conditions. Resting poses such as the child’s pose release tension from our abdominals and allow the internal organs to unwind.

Yoga postures, breathing, and meditation — essential aspects of a good yoga session — all help us release physical blockages, toxins, and overcome our bodily limitations.

Yoga helps us find peace both on and off the mat. Practicing it for only half an hour a day can bring about an array of positive changes and offer us a more joyous way of life relieved of stress.

Have you experienced these benefits from practicing yoga or do you have your own tips and tricks to be more confident? Let us know in the comments below.