How Reaching Your Hydration Goal Impacts Your Health & Beauty



We’ve discovered the secret to better health and appearance and you’d be surprised by what it is. Are you ready? Drumroll, please.

The secret is – water!

Maybe you find this news anticlimactic, but there’s actually more to the story. Water is so easily accessible to us that it’s hard to imagine it can do more than just keep us alive. Maybe you’re just not a fan of water so you never put much thought into making hydration a priority.

Whatever the reason we’re about to blow your mind with some water facts that will make sure getting enough of it will be your top priority!


The benefits when it comes to skin care are revolutionary. Drinking enough water will give you a radiant and youthful glow, make your skin tighter and save you from wrinkles! All those skin-care products, when in reality what does you most good is getting the perfect amount of water each day.

It makes sense when you think about it, the majority of our bodies is made of water. Our organs needs water to function properly. That also means that the water will reach all of your organs before it reaches your skin, which means that even though you are drinking water it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re drinking enough to benefit you – especially your skin.

Staying properly hydrated also promotes skin circulation at it’s base, which means skin repair doesn’t decrease. Water is used to flush out toxins out of your body, so it also helps limit skin breakouts – say goodbye to acne and pimples and say hello to healthy, glowing skin!

You’ll also save on the amount of concealer you need to use to save yourself from that recently deceased puffy eyes look. Drinking enough water will reduce the puffiness around your eyes, but as your eyes are also heavily based on water in order to function properly, it will also keep your eyesight better and your eyes sparkly and fresh.


Have you struggled with peeling nails before? For some reason your nails are soft and more sensitive, the skin on your cuticles seems to break – and you can’t help plucking it – and you’re taking all these vitamins and oils trying to get your nails to look strong and healthy.

Well, look no further!

The cure-all for your nail’s health is none other than – water.

That ideal amount per day will get your nails looking so fresh you’ll have people complimenting your manicure – when you don’t even have one! Not just that but you’ll save your cuticles from dry, peeling skin as well.


Don’t you just hate seeing those hair product commercials where they just shove flowey, healthy, waves of gorgeous hair straight into your face? And then 5 minutes later you’re online shopping hair masks, shampoos and conditioners in hopes that you’ll give your hair that same healthy shine. Did you know your hair is actually one-quarter water? As mentioned before, water will first be conserved for your vital organs, so if you’re not consuming enough your hair might end up on the short end of the stick. Which means breakage, thinning and even excess hair loss. Additionally, dehydration has a direct impact on hair-growth. If you’ve found yourself frustrated about the snail speed at which your hair seems to grow, and yet you’ve never really put much thought into hydration, you might have just found your answer as to why. Properly hydrating allows your hair roots to absorb their necessary amount of water and insure a nice, steady hair growth.

No wonder all the celebrities swear by water and hydration, right? After all, they’re in the business of looking flawless!

“Drink water, stay hydrated and sleep. It’s so boring, yet so simple.” —Jennifer Aniston

Now you have all this information, but what can you do with it? Who has the time to calculate their perfect amount of water these day, because all those sites stating random numbers can’t be right. You’re an individual, with your individual life circumstances, so how can everyone just need the same amount to be their healthy selves? The answer is they don’t. The amount of water you need on a daily basis depends on many aspects of your life for example your physical attributes or your level of activity.

That’s why we created Spring, the first smart water bottle made just for women. Spring calculates your personal hydration goal based on your own profile. It takes into account things like your activity level, hours of sleep and where you are in your menstrual cycle (or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding). As you sip, Spring tracks your intake and sends you reminders to help build a hydration habit that is right for your body.

Continuity is key, and building a habit out of hydrating is the first step towards your overall well-being.

Give Spring a try yourself, and just watch as your well-being and appearance get healthier in a matter of weeks.