5 Hacks to Boost Your Productivity at Work



There’s a good chance that you simply don’t feel that productive these days. We get it. Been there, done that. That’s why we have prepared 5 simple hacks to boost your productivity at work today.

  • Get up and move

Sitting in a chair all day makes us all feel… well, tight. Use your short break to get up and move your body a bit. If you can make it outside, even better! Take a short walk around your office and you’ll instantly feel more energized. A breath of fresh air increases your brain activity and brings greater clarity to the brain.

Bonus points: You’ll be one step closer to reaching your activity goal in your Leaf app for that day!

  • Schedule a power hour

Nothing beats good old to-do lists and managing your time wisely. Choose one hour in your day when you’ll tackle all the assignments and tasks you’ve been postponing for a while now and use this time to clear your inbox.

  • Find a good playlist

If you’re one of those people who can’t work with music playing, skip this part 🙂 If, however, you find certain music to be motivating, find a playlist that won’t be distracting and that you’ll enjoy listening to while working. Spotify has lots of them prepared already, you just have to find one that suits your music taste!

  • Meditate for 2 min

No excuses! You can find 2 min in your day to meditate and unwind for a bit. All you need is your Bellabeat app and you’re all set. Choose between different short meditations that will relax you and boost your energy levels.

  • Have a healthy lunch break


We don’t have to mention again how food affects our mood and energy levels, right? Eating a light and healthy lunch won’t get you sleepy after lunch and you will be more energized to finish your work. Choose a salad you love the most and combine it with a healthy smoothie (you can even prepare it at home!).