5 Steps to Become More Positive



If you want to change your luck, change your attitude. You must’ve heard of this saying by John E. Gibson before but haven’t really put your mind to it.

The truth is, we don’t really give much attention to the impact our attitude has on our success, life, and progress. Today, we decided to focus just on that.

We’ve all been in this situation when it’s just hard to feel positive. At times, we become aware of the perceived expectations society has placed on us. The way we should look, act, or wear. Although it can be overwhelming, we’re the ones controlling our lives.

So let’s take control and make it better. Use these 5 steps daily, change your attitude and become more positive!

Focus on the good

It seems simple, right? Yet we have a habit of forgetting it quickly. By focusing on the good, we’re giving ourselves a head start into the game of life. Happiness is the clearest benefit of positive thinking. Good things put a smile on our faces, however small they may be.

Although many of us tend to believe that our happiness can be achieved only after we have the things we wish for, this is far from the truth.

Take a few minutes at the end of each day and reflect on the happy things that happened during that day. Write them down and you can get back to them in case you’re feeling down.

Be grateful

When talking about gratitude, it’s sometimes hard to distance ourselves from the thought that we have to be grateful for everything we have- starting with food, water, shelter. These are some of the things we should be grateful for all the time, but on a daily basis, practicing gratitude is oriented toward smaller things.

Be grateful that you had a hot shower in the morning- there could be an issue with the water supply, that you arrived to work on time, had that favorite pair of jeans on hand in the morning.

Expressing gratitude doesn’t have to be complicated and deep. It’s personalized, yours and yours only. Be grateful for yourself.

Create a playlist

We all have bad days when it just seems like everything is going downhill and it’s just hard to stay positive. During those days, music can be your best friend and help you go through the day. Think about the songs that make you happy, pump you up or make you relaxed and create a playlist.

Combine all of your favorite songs and save them for the times you may feel low- or just need a confidence boost. It’s been proven over and over that music can change our mood instantly. So why not use it?


Whether it’s a plate of fries or something that’s been bothering you, everything’s better shared.
We know how hard it can be to go through some things alone. At times, it can make you go down the rabbit hole quickly and make it harder for you to manage it.

If you have a problem that’s been bothering you, share it with your significant other, friend, parent, or counselor. It can be a mundane issue such as not finding your perfect pants in the morning or something more serious.

While sharing your issues, you’re not only making it easier for yourself as you’re not bottling it up anymore, but you’re also hearing a different perception of the same issue. Maybe there’s a quick fix you haven’t thought of, an alternative way to do it. The solution just may be hiding in plain sight.

Find beauty

There’s beauty in everything. Although it may sound like a cliche, focusing on the beauty is one of the best tricks you can try when feeling down. Whether the reason behind it is that the weather outside is gloomy, your outfit doesn’t look good or you’re just feeling more self-conscious than usual.

Something we learned when growing up is to always focus on one thing you like about yourself that day. It can be your lips, the way your jeans fit, your hair, or anything else you can think of. If there are more things- great, point them out when standing in front of the mirror!

The most important rule is that you’re not allowed not to name a thing on a day you’re feeling down. You have to find something that you find beautiful. Over time, doing this will help you get a more positive image of yourself, boost your confidence and make you happier!