5 Tips to Reduce Holiday Shopping Anxiety



We’ve all been there. Black Friday just passed and if you didn’t manage to buy all the Christmas presents you’re stress levels rise to 100. 

According to a  director of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at California State University, Los Angeles, the Christmas season is the most stressful time of the year! No surprise we feel it too. Along with shopping, we have to worry about organizing a Christmas dinner, deciding whose family to visit, which groceries to buy and all together, it can take a toll on our mental health. As much as we try to manage it, it gets to us. This is why we decided to give you some last-minute tips and tricks to help you cope with it! We may not be able to solve it completely, but it’s a good start!

Avoid too many commitments

Although you might want to help your friend find the best gift for her man, bake cookies for the school fair, see all of your relatives and go for a drink with 3 of your friends, it just may be too much. To avoid burnout, prioritize and be realistic. Christmas time is usually spent with your family and loved ones so try to center it around it. Help your child bake cookies and go see your parents. See whether you can postpone other obligations for another time when you won’t be as stressed. 

Control your spending

If you don’t have to worry about your holiday budget, you’re one of the lucky ones. Shopping early can lower your stress levels significantly, as well as help you not go over your budget. In order to prevent it, make sure to create a list of all the gifts you need to purchase and see if you still have the chance to find some sales. In case you don’t find everything, don’t worry! You still have a few weeks till Christmas!

Shop online instead of in-store

There’s nothing better than lying in our bed covered with a blanket, drinking hot chocolate, and relaxing. While doing that, you can easily incorporate your Christmas shopping as almost all brands have online stores. Just imagine all the checkout lines, crowds and the intense stress this time of the year brings. This way, you don’t have to worry about it at all. 

Get tips on social media

Whether it’s your Christmas tree, gift wrapping, table design or meal prep, social media has it all. In just a few clicks on Pinterest or Instagram, you can see various ideas of home-made Christmas dinner meals, gorgeous gift wraps (some of which only need a brown paper bag and a few additions) and Christmas tree decorations. You can use them instead of the classic multi-colored gift wrap you always use and make it even more special. 

Focus on important things

We all get lost sometimes. Between planning, work, college or children, we tend to lose ourselves and values Christmas is about. This year, try focusing more on your family and friends. Instead of going to the mall, hang out at home baking Christmas cookies. Create small DIY gifts with your children or loved ones to give them to their siblings, grandparents or other important people in their lives. Your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be the biggest or the most decorated one, what’s important is that it represents the love you share with each other.