7 Beauty Rituals for the Perfect Start to Your Morning



Some of us start our mornings by hitting the snooze button and then spend the rest of the morning rushing around trying to get things done.

Some, start their mornings waking up before their alarm even goes off. They make themselves a nice cup of coffee and spend their morning with their family, or read a good book.

Regardless of which category you fit into more, we can all (hopefully) agree that having a good morning routine, would mean getting the most out of the rest of your day.

Even though building a good morning routine is hard, we wrote an article that can help you with that!

Now, what we’d like to focus on… is your beauty routine! There’s no time like the present with summer bring some sand, salt, and sun — which can all be damaging to your skin — to come up with your own beauty routine for the morning.

Here are our tips on how to do that:

Shower, wash your face with cold water and apply skincare products.

The best way to start your mornings is with a nice shower — though we probably don’t have to point that out. What would make a great beauty routine is washing your face with cold water! It will shake you awake and is good for your skin. If you already have a regimen of skincare products, that’s awesome! Then you already probably have your own skincare ritual set up. However, if you haven’t really given skincare products a try, now is the perfect time to find your match! Go shopping and find a toner, moisturizer and face cream that works for your skin. If you really want to build a good skincare habit you can always check out our Skincare Academy in the Bellabeat app!

Drink a large glass of water after waking up.

We’re really into regular hydration throughout your day, but there’s nothing better for your health than starting the day with a large glass of water! It will make up for all the water you lost during sleep and will boost your energy for the day. Force yourself to drink at least one glass of water after waking up, or better yet, drinking at least half of your Spring water bottle once you’re awake. Make sure you stay regularly hydrated the rest of the day!

Get your body moving!

Start the morning with some activity! There’s no better way to wake your body and mind up in the morning than by exercising — it works even better than coffee! Taking time in your morning to do even 15 minutes of exercising will give you more energy for the rest of the day, and possibly even give you that beautiful glow everyone talks about. You’ll feel accomplished and energized from the early morning so dealing with everything else that comes your way during the day will be much easier.

Use citrusy scents – whether as a perfume or essential oil.

Citrus scents are absolutely perfect for de-stressing, but they also awaken your senses, which makes them the ideal scent to start your morning with. If you haven’t already, you should consider trying some aromatherapy — a few drops of a citrus essential oil and you’ll feel completely refreshed and ready to take on the day! In case you’re really not a fan of essential oils, have you considered a citrus-scented perfume? Try it out and see whether it makes a difference to how the rest of your day plays out.

Take your time to put on make-up — if you wear it!

Make-up is for everyone, but not everyone enjoys make-up and that is more than okay! If you don’t really like putting make-up on, this obviously won’t be advice you’ll be interested in, so you can already jump to number 6. on the list. However, if you enjoy wearing make-up, then take your time with it! If you wake up too late, you’ll probably end up rushing your make-up and if this is something important for you, rushing it might make you feel worse than you should. Make-up should be used to highlight your inner beauty, not make you feel worse if you don’t think you did it right. Take the time to get to know your face and exactly how much time you need for your make-up in order to feel happy with it. Once you know the exact time, you know how much earlier you’ll need to wake up in the morning. For some easy tips and tricks on getting your summer make-up on point, make sure you check out our recent blog post!

Me-time — take time to focus on yourself for a few minutes.

Whether that means reading your favorite magazine as you drink your morning coffee/tea, listening to your favorite morning meditation or playing your favorite feel-good playlist, — make the time for it. Having at least 15 minutes in your morning to dedicate to something you truly enjoy, will have you walking out of the house with a smile instead of a frown. You’ll thank yourself later when all the other daily worries come crashing in.

Use sunscreen and wear hats.

Even though summer is over, sun can still do some significant damage to your skin. Make sure you always put sunscreen on before leaving the house and equip yourself with some aloe vera products in case the sunscreen doesn’t work and you end up looking like a red lobster. Luckily, hats are totally trendy right now, so grab your favorite and off you go!

Beauty is more than just taking care of your skin, hair, and nails. As we all know, beauty truly comes from the inside, so these tips focus on making you feel better, not just look better.

We hope you’ll find at least a few you like and can help you improve your daily life!