Christmas Gift Guide for Wellness Lovers



2020 has taught us all about one thing- the importance of health.

While we cannot put a bow on it and give it for Christmas, we can do more to encourage everyone around us to care about themselves more in 2021. And what’s best about caring about your health is that you do it in style!

We’re bringing you Bellabeat’s gift guide for wellness junkies where you’ll learn all about our best-selling products and how they can make your life, and health, better!

Bellabeat Leaf

An all-time favorite, Leaf has been your loyal companion for more than 5 years. Its timeless look makes it versatile and fits your everyday looks, no matter where you go. From work, gym, or chilling at home, your Leaf is here to help you and guide you towards a healthier lifestyle. No wonder it’s an all-time favorite!

It tracks your activity

Its smart sensors track your every step, no matter where you are or if you have your phone on-hand. By giving you insights into how much you walk each day, it helps you stay on top of your game and reach all of your goals. Is it hard being more active if you don’t know how much you usually walk? Leaf has you covered.

It reminds you to stay active

Having a hard time remembering to step away from your desk? We thought about that too!
Leaf has an integrated Inactivity Alert that will vibrate when you’re sitting for too long. You can choose how often you want to be reminded and when your relaxation time is– so it doesn’t disturb your self-care routine.

It also features a sleep tracker that will show you how much you sleep each night and your deep sleep percentage. This way you’ll know why you might feel exhausted when you wake up- not enough deep sleep!

It helps you stay healthy- in style!

Our Leaf comes in 3 amazing styles- Chakra, Urban, and Crystal, created with Swarovski® crystals, so it fits all of your special occasions.
We thought about everything when designing it! Not a fan of bracelets? You can wear your Leaf as a necklace or a clip! All of our Leafs, except Leaf Chakra, come with a pre-packed bracelet and necklace, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Bellabeat Spring

Spring was made to help you achieve total body wellness through healthy hydration. We all know how important it is to drink enough water, but with hectic daily lives, it’s easy to forget.
That’s when Spring comes to the rescue!

It sends you personalized drinking reminders

Tired of forgetting to drink water? Spring is here to help. Create your personalized drinking reminders with your own message to motivate you to drink more. Because we all know that “Drink more” is not enough. Choose your own quote and let spring remind you to put your health first!
If you’re not sure how much water you should drink- we have you covered!

Spring calculates how much water you should drink

And it’s not just 8 8-oz glasses a day. Spring takes your whole life into consideration– how much you weigh, how active you are, as well as where you live, and if you’re breastfeeding. Because all these things matter when it comes to proper hydration. Spring creates a tailored goal for you!

Ease your mind and let us worry about calculations!


Bellabeat Wellness Coach

After more than 5 years of learning about women and their habits, we introduced our Bellabeat wellness coach subscription. A perfect addition to your Bellabeat tracker.

Bellabeat Wellness Coach is a subscription-based wellness coaching that helps you reach all of your goals through our carefully curated programs- Get Fit, Lose Weight, and Get Healthy.

No matter what your goals are, we have you covered

Your wellness program is personalized for you based on your goals, lifestyle, and natural cycle. We’ll create a complete program that includes workout plans, nutrition & supplementation guidance, and mindfulness & education courses in order to help you transform your body and mind as one.

Getting in shape has never been so fun

Who says you have to do boring cardio every day? Bellabeat Wellness Coach features engaging dance exercises such as cheerleading, barre, and Latin dances to spice up your routine!
You can also find amazing yoga courses, pilates, and booty building routines that’ll make you feel better than ever!

Challenge yourself!

Try one of the many fitness challenges in the app and push your limits. Compete with your friends and share your journey with our Bellabeat community on Facebook.

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