2020 Holiday Gift Guide



Give Something Beautiful

We’re bringing you the most anticipated Holiday Gift Guide— Bellabeat best-sellers.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for yourself, your mom, sister, wife, or a friend, they’re all here!
If you’re having trouble finding the perfect gift, check out our Bellabeat Personalities guide and see which one describes her best!


Perfect Match: Leaf Urban

Being active is her natural state of mind. This girl can do anything she wants. Whether her daily routine is running, climbing or kickboxing, she wants a loyal, but stylish companion to track all of her active minutes.


Perfect Match: Leaf Crystal, created with Swarovski® crystals

Everyone knows she’ll end up on the cover of Vogue one day. Everything she wears is simply stylish, and she wants her tracker to effortlessly blend in, without sacrificing functionality. No matter the time of day, she’s on top of her game.

Yoga Lover

Perfect match: Leaf Chakra

Mindfulness is her middle name. You can find her in your local park completely embracing her own body and its power. She’s the one you’ll go to when you want somebody to talk to and get the best advice on all things health. She wants her tracker to be a loyal companion that embodies both the love of yoga and a desire for functionality.

Busy Bee

Perfect Match: Spring Smart Bottle

She’s always on the go, chasing dreams while caring about everyone she comes in contact with. She knows health is a priority, so she sets a timer on her phone as a reminder to drink water. Save her time with this smart bottle and let her worry about one less thing.

Tracker Enthusiast

Perfect Match: Leaf & Time Accessories

She already has an assortment of our best-selling health trackers and cares about wellbeing 24/7. Surprise her with an accessory to upgrade the look of her favorite life companion, and let her continue running the world–in style!