7 Amazing Tips That Will Make You Glow Inside Out




A driven, busy gal who strives to achieve her goals while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out.

The ‘glow-up’ is the latest craze that — let’s admit — we’ve all had the temptation to succumb to.

Among all the social media trends that come and go, there’s one that’s been circulating our timelines for quite some time now — and for a good reason. There are many ways in which a person can glow up, but what they all have in common is that they are focused on personal growth. Being a brand that’s all about helping our users become better versions of themselves, we put together a list of seven foolproof tips to help you get started on your glow-up!

Hydrate/Drink water.

Let’s start with the basics — hydration is the key to everything.

Well, maybe not everything, but here’s a list of benefits that proper hydration provides, and your body and mind will thank you for:

  • Helping your muscles and joints work better
  • Promoting cardiovascular health
  • Keeping your skin elastic and supple
  • Helping maximize your physical performance
  • Increasing energy levels and brain function
  • Helping with weight loss
  • Cleansing your body of toxins — inside and out

We could go on and on talking about just how good having proper hydration habits is for your body and mind — there really are endless benefits to keeping your body optimally hydrated.

So remember — if you want to glow inside out, the first step is to drink lots of water.

In case you struggle remembering to drink, or keeping track of how much you drank, check out our smart bottle and hydration guru — Spring!

Keep your skincare routine in check.

After hydration, comes skincare — a girl’s second-best friend! 😉

Keeping flawless skin goes deeper than good looks — because flawless skin means healthy skin. Your skin performs many important tasks for your body’s well-being:

  • it protects you from sun rays, bacteria, and viruses that you come in contact with daily
  • helps keep your temperature at a constant level
  • helps you feel and react to changes in your direct environment.

Healthy skin should also produce vitamin D when in contact with sun rays, which is crucial for many of our bodily functions.

In order to have the healthiest routine for your skin, our top-two foolproof tips are — keep it natural, and go organic!

Depending on your skin type, there will be many products you can choose from, but the best ones to go for are the ones that have natural ingredients and are organically sourced. Test those products that you find suitable for your face until you find your perfect match. Remember the skin on your face is sensitive, so make sure that you choose products that are not aggressive, but gentle on your skin.

Exercise your face.

Keeping a consistent skincare routine will make your skin glow on the surface, but there’s more to keeping that inside-out glow on your face… and it’s face yoga.

Yup — that is a thing!

If you haven’t heard of face yoga just yet, it is a way of exercising your face muscles in a way that tones and relaxes them.

Among its other benefits, face yoga can help you decrease wrinkles, sagging skin, and double chin.

We know — it sounds a bit like magic! If we got you interested and you want to give it a try, we suggest you check out Glowinface Face Yoga by Karin Velikonja.

Eat your fruits and veggies.

Trust us — skipping some of those fatty and sugary foods does pay off!

Eating a diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables has been linked to improved health in individuals— and for a good reason! Besides being low in fat and calories, these two foods are loaded with fiber, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, helping your body keep stable blood pressure and prevent heart diseases and cancer.

The golden rule for incorporating these into your diet states that half of each plate we eat should consist of fruits and/or veggies. You should also aim to choose a wide color spectrum, as each color generally brings different benefits for your body.

Coconut oil. Coconut oil. Coconut oil.

Yes, we said it thrice!

Coconut oil is that universal ingredient that works wonders for almost anything you can think of — there are just too many ways you can use it! In this article, we’ll focus on our favorite uses of coconut oil: ones that help keep your skin, hair, and teeth healthy.

When it comes to your skin, the fatty acids in coconut oil can help kill harmful microorganisms.

This helps fight acne and any other skin infection caused by bacteria or fungi. Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties and improves your skin’s antioxidant status; it reduces dryness and helps keep your skin hydrated.

You can apply coconut oil to your skin by adding it to a variety of face masks, or by itself; it is also useful if you want to effectively remove waterproof makeup.

If you use coconut oil as a hair mask, it can help keep your scalp healthy and promote faster hair growth.

It fights against dandruff and lice; prevents hair breakage and split ends; and makes your hair smooth and shiny.

This magic oil also attacks harmful bacteria in your mouth.

It reduces plaque buildup, prevents tooth decay, and helps in fighting gum diseases. It can help keep your breath fresh, and teeth clean and white.


This is where the magic really happens.

Visualization has helped numerous professionals in sport or politics garner amazing results in their respective fields. Many people claim that visualization has changed their lives — and it seems that there is something to it that can help boost an individual’s performance and help in achieving one’s goals.

When you visualize, your mind creates vivid images of whatever you are imagining.

The amazing thing about visualization is that your brain perceives it equally whether you’re visualizing an action, or actually performing it — and if you visualize good things happening, your brain interprets it the same as it would if those things were actually happening.

So, if you want to improve your performance, reduce stress, increase your focus, spark inspiration, or boost your confidence, try visualizing yourself:

  • Getting amazing news
  • Being with loved ones
  • Achieving a personal goal
  • Getting your dream job
  • Being complimented
  • Learning the desired skill
  • Being in your dream place
  • Feeling strong and healthy

Practice self-love.

Last, but most certainly not least — practice self-love every day.

Feeling good on the inside always shows on the outside, and we don’t only mean you’ll carry yourself better — practicing self-love has actual physiological benefits. It has been proven that self-compassion leads to greater productivity and strength, and a decrease in stress.

When you appreciate and respect your body, you’ll want to give it everything it needs: enough sleep, a healthy diet, proper hydration, and optimal activity.

By developing healthy habits, you will help yourself feel strong and healthy in your body. When you accept and love yourself for who you are, your physical well-being will improve as your mental and emotional health does.

There is no one path to self-love, but it is of great importance and benefit to yourself if you find yours. And that’s why: find yourself, accept yourself, love yourself, and stay yourself.