How to Celebrate Halloween During COVID-19



With Halloween approaching, we all get into a festive state of mind. Trick or Treating, pumpkin carving, and family traditions all make this holiday an extra special one. But what can we do when hanging out with friends and family is not recommended?

We bring you 3 best ways to celebrate Halloween while keeping your family safe!

Make a pumpkin carving contest

If you and your neighbors love Halloween, organize an online pumpkin carving contest! Find your inspiration and make it a family activity! Display the pumpkins in your window on the porch and have a spooky neighborhood drive-through.
Let the best Jack-o-lantern win! 

Piñata fest

Make a DIY Halloween piñata. All you need are a few pieces of cardboard and glue from the $ store, as well as colorful paper. This is a great family activity that your children can participate in!
On Halloween, fill it with candy and place outside. The kids can dress up in their favorite Halloween costumes and take turns hitting the piñata until the candy falls out!

Candy hunt

Remember the Easter egg hunt? Why not make it spookier.
Hide your kid’s favorite candy around the yard or the apartment and let them work their magic to find them!
For even more fun, add small quests and hints that help and spread the joy!

In case you’re going trick-or-treating in your neighborhood, don’t forget to follow some basic precautions

1. Wear a protective mask under your Halloween costume
2. Don’t forget to keep the distance
3. Wash hands often and supervise your children to ensure they do it properly