How to Prioritize Your Tasks



You must know that January has been declared the most depressive month of the year! No wonder it’s like that. After Christmas and all the amazing food we ate, New Year’s eve’s parties and celebrations, January just seems bland. Although we just may feel like we need a vacation from the holidays, January just doesn’t wanna listen. Since we all may feel a little bit blue, it’s hard to focus on your everyday tasks, let alone your yearly resolutions. With so much to do, it can seem impossible to cram it into 24 hours of each day.

As we’re all in the same situation, there’s must be something that’ll help!

Well, when we’re overloaded with chores, work, extracurriculars, and other daily/monthly obligations, prioritizing can be a lifesaver.

How it works is that we just have to take all of our tasks, put it on a sheet of paper and prioritize. It may seem overly simple, but it can end up being extremely difficult for some. How can you choose between going to the bank or finishing a work task?

To avoid these situations, we decided to focus on some tips and tricks that will reduce your stress levels and help you complete all of your tasks, without burning out.

Put it on paper

No matter whether you use an app to prioritize or an old-fashioned notebook, writing it down helps you be more grounded and realistic of what your obligations are. Write everything that you recall has to be done, focusing on short term tasks (achievable within a week). If you remember something that has to be done in the future, simply write it down on the side so you don’t forget about it.


Are some of the tasks similar? Do they focus on work? Can they be achieved that same day? 

These are some of the questions you should ask yourself after you’ve written everything down.

Now it’s time to regroup them. Select up to 3 different sections based on the things that have the most obligations. They can be WorkHomePersonal and write them on separate papers.

Set deadlines

Awesome job! You’re halfway done!

Once you have everything on paper, set a deadline for every task, it can be “By the end of the day today” or “By Sunday” and write them down in that order.

Now that you’ve done that, select what is the most important using a simple system of Red, Orange and Yellow (if you’re using coloured pens) or bold, underline and usual letters if you’re writing by hand.