Introducing B.YOU Wellness Line by Bellabeat



If you haven’t heard already, something new is coming to town!
After years of listening to YOUR feedback and wishes, months of preparation, and hard work, the time has finally come.

Bellabeat is launching an exclusive line of wellness essentials B.YOU!

A line of premium wellness accessories that complement your Bellabeat wellness trackers and digital coach. Made to lift your wellness experience to the next level!
Starting today, you can get your hands on our premium performance & comfort yoga mat and menstrual cup—a perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle!

What is B.YOU?

B.YOU is a testament to the uniqueness and unapologetic perseverance in prioritizing yourself. A selection of carefully chosen wellness products tried and tested by the women of Bellabeat to bring you unprecedented comfort and the highest quality for best results. In style.

We wanted to inspire our users to find joy in self-care by combining comfort and style into each of the products in our B.YOU line.

– Urška Sršen, Co-founder of Bellabeat

B.YOU Yoga Mat

Never sacrifice comfort for style again!

Stylish and supporting, the B.YOU yoga mat will become a must-have in your workout corner.

Made out of PER, with a hypoallergenic, toxic-free formula, it will perfectly complement your wellness journey while protecting our planet. We thought about everything when creating this yoga mat, including the composition of the material itself.

Did you know that PER is mixed with recyclable plastic bottles to create that perfect mat mesh?

For one yoga mat, we are recycling 10 plastic bottles and keeping them away from oceans.

Plus, it comes with complimentary 3-month access to our Bellabeat Premium Subscription!

Dimensions: 72 × 24 inches (183 cm × 61 cm )
Thickness: 0.23 inches (6.0 mm)

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B.YOU Menstrual Cup

Comfort in every step.

Our B.YOU menstrual cup is designed to help you start your menstrual cup journey as easy as possible. Made out of 100% soft, medical-grade silicone and with a perfected ergonomic design, it is safe and comfortable to use.

You’ll never have to worry about forgetting the pads and tampons at home!

B.YOU menstrual cup replaces pads and tampons and helps you achieve worry-free periods.

By switching to a menstrual cup, you’re reducing your period carbon footprint by 99%, or up to 50kg CO2 equivalent. One cup will last you for up to 10 years and replace an average of 2,500 tampons and pads.

Being a part of the change can be easy!

Plus, you get complimentary 3-month access to our Bellabeat Premium Subscription with every cup!

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