What’s Inside Bellabeat’s Advent Calendar?



Advent calendar. Don’t we all love it?

It serves as a first sign that Christmas is close, and it’s everyone’s favorite, from children to adults.

Even though we all use it, have you ever asked yourself how it originated?

The History Behind Advent Calendar

The Advent season is a characteristic of Christianity as it symbolizes the countdown to Christmas. It’s determined by the day of Saint Andrew (November 30) with the nearest Sunday becoming the first Sunday of Advent. Three Sundays follow with each one celebrating family and their values. Throughout history, these celebrations continued by lighting the candles each Sunday, but have also been expanded to include a daily gift of expectation.

One of the earliest evidence of an Advent calendar comes from a children’s book “Lottchen und ihre Kinder” dated 1851:

“In the evening when little Elisabeth goes to bed, her mother always tells her a little bit about the Christmas story and they learn and sing lots of Christmas carols. Every evening a new picture is added to the wallpaper and the children know that when all twenty-four pictures are hanging on the wallpaper then Christmas is here.”

-by Elise Averdieck

A few decades later, a small boy by the name of Gerhard Lang was sitting in his bed on December 1st when his mother approached him with a calendar marking 24 days before Christmas, each having a cookie tied to it. From then onwards, we embraced the advent calendar in that form and continued gifting it to our children, friends, and ourselves.

Its content changed over time. We no longer give only cookies, but surprise each other with small gifts that make us happy!

Bellabeat Advent Calendar

Here at Bellabeat, we want to share that happiness with you!

Every day from December 1st, you can find the best offers in our Advent calendar, with each day bringing new promos, sales, and amazing deals to stuff the stockings on Christmas Day!