5 DPO: Are There Any Symptoms Five Days Past Ovulation?



We get it; you most likely want to start a family or expand your existing one. Your ovulation tests have come out positive. To find out whether you are pregnant or not, you must be counting your days past ovulation (DPO) and wanting to use a pregnancy test.

Trying to conceive is sometimes a turbulent but mostly an exciting time. You are not alone in this journey. Wanting to determine if you are expecting soon is normal. This article will tell you all you need to know about 5 Days Past Ovulation.

5 DPO (Days Past Ovulation) Implantation:

Women are born with a limited number of eggs. Each month, an average adult woman loses 1000 eggs – unless one gets implanted and grows into a fetus and then a baby. 

We have about 6 days per cycle where the chances of becoming pregnant are high. This is because a sperm only survives 5 days in the female reproductive tract. 

When Does Ovulation Take Place?

Ovulation takes two weeks before your next period. It is when the ovary releases an egg into the fallopian tubes, which remain there for 24 hours. Whether a woman becomes pregnant depends on the frequency and time you have sex. 

Fertile Window:

Implantation 5 DPO usually takes place about 7 to 12 days after fertilisation. If a sperm reaches the egg and fertilisation occurs, the zygote cells start multiplying and create a blastocyst group. 

The blastocyst travels to the fallopian tubes, and it multiplies on its way to the uterus. Once these cells reach the uterus, they attach themselves to the uterine wall or inner lining called the endometrium.  This uterine wall gives access to vital nutrients for the blastocyst to grow and thrive. At this stage, pregnancy has occurred, and the blastocyst is starting to develop into a fetus. 

Implantation Bleeding:

Due to implantation 5 DPO, about 25% of women experience mild bleeding, often lighter in colour and flow than during periods. Mild bleeding during pregnancy is quite common.  Any bleeding in the later stages of pregnancy may point to severe problems such as a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

What Are The 5 DPO Symptoms If You’re Pregnant?

Although most pregnancy tests do not work at 5 DPO, one can always watch out for any symptoms that can rule out pregnancy. Of course, not every woman experiences the same symptoms. 

Some women experience mild to moderate symptoms, while others do not observe any 5 DPO symptoms. 

These 5 days past ovulation symptoms are also caused by hormonal fluctuations due to pre-menstruation or ovulation. In simpler words, this might not confirm pregnancy but indicate a potential one. 

Physical Symptoms:

5 DPO cramps:

Mild to moderate cramp in your pelvis, low back, or abdominals are one of the 5DPOsymptoms. They appear as a consequence of implantation as the fertilized egg is a foreign body in your uterus. As if period cramps were not enough. 

Missed Period:

Out of so many, early pregnancy symptoms of 5 DPO is a missed period. 

Nausea 5 DPO:

5 DPO pregnancy symptoms also include nausea or vomiting. For many pregnant women, morning sickness occurs throughout the first trimester. 

One should not panic if they are not experiencing nausea during the first few weeks as every pregnancy is different. The absence of certain symptoms does not mean you are not pregnant. 

Breast Tenderness:

Sore boobs and sensitive nipples? Another telltale sign of 5 DPO. This happens due to the hormone changes that take place during pregnancy. 


Your whole life will become about peeing when you are 5 DPO pregnant. This occurs due to the pressure building up on your uterus. As your belly grows, you will find yourself urinating even more. 

Low Levels of Energy:

Not feeling like getting up from the bed? No energy to hit the gym? Your low energy levels can be one of the early pregnancy symptoms. 

Raised Body Temperature:

Many pregnant women are known to keep track of their basal temperature while trying to conceive. This is because our baseline temperature changes throughout our menstrual cycle. 

Our temperature increases after ovulation and stays higher than usual when our period begins. A basal body temperature that stays high even after ovulation may indicate pregnancy. 


One must never forget that raised body temperatures are not unique to a pregnancy and may occur due to lifestyle or hormonal changes. 

Emotional Symptoms:

Specific Food Cravings:

Craving pickles, McDonald’s, and cereal? Another common 5 DPO pregnancy symptomis specific food cravings. 

Women may have the desire to eat weird dishes or food items. Not only do pregnant women have weird food cravings but also food aversion or nausea. 

Mood Swings:

Our body is flooded with pregnancy hormones, especially during this time. Women feel more emotional or moody than normal. 

This especially occurs during the first week of pregnancy as we are going through significant hormone fluctuations. It is very likely that at 5 DPO, you are most likely to start experiencing mood swings.  

When Is The Right Time To Take A Pregnancy Test?

Most women begin tracking their pregnancy symptoms right after 5 days past ovulation. Unfortunately, that is often too early to get reliable results. Although you may want to take the pregnancy test, it is essential to know that the results are inaccurate. In most cases, you will get a negative pregnancy test.

All pregnancy tests work by detecting the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone in your urine or blood. If a woman is pregnant, then hCG only gets produced after the implantation of cells that first form a chorion and, later, the placenta. 

Is It Suitable To Take Pregnancy Test After 5 DPO?

Right after implant, this hormone usually increases around 7 to 12 DPO in the body. As implantation takes place 5 days after ovulation, it is a bit too early to get positive results with pregnancy tests. 

There is always a chance of a false-positive pregnancy result. It mainly occurs when certain medications consist of the hCG hormone. It also happens if a woman is facing menopause or has an issue involving the ovaries. 

What Do Experts Recommend?

Most experts recommend waiting for at least 11 days after ovulation for a blood or urine test that detects the hCG hormone. The most reliable method to detect pregnancy is a blood test at your doctor’s. 

However, a pregnancy test will still show a negative result at 5 days post ovulation if the body does not have detectable hCG levels, around 1,500 to 2,000 mIU/mL.

The Takeaway:

Pregnancy is a fascinating journey. Whether you are a first-time parent or want to expand your existing one, pregnancy comes with challenges. You may want to note any signs and symptoms that will help you confirm your pregnancy. 

It only takes a few days after5 DPO that the hCG level in the blood or urine is adequate to be detected in a pregnancy test. 

Thus we recommend staying calm and not getting worried if your 5 DPO pregnancy test comes out negative. We wish you the best of luck in your pregnancy journey.