How to Naturally Relieve Period Pain



Every month the same story…Aunt Flo comes knocking on our door and she usually comes with menstrual cramps to physically remind us that she is here. Some women are lucky enough to have her visit without the actual pain, but most of us still experience some kind of discomfort.

Menstruation is natural, beautiful, and powerful. Still, we must admit that the pain that comes with our period is pretty annoying and during our lives, we pretty much try everything there is to help ease that pain.
“Periods are tough, but so are you.”

How to naturally relieve period pain

1. Have a cup of tea

Pour yourself a nice cup of tea. Warm water can alleviate abdominal pain and natural herbs can help you ease the pain. You’ll warm your body and lessen the pain. If you’re wrapped in a fluffy blanket, that’s definitely bonus points.

2. Try heating pads

Heat therapy is said to work because of its analgesic properties or its ability to bring blood to the area which can penetrate deep into the muscular tissue. Snuggle up in your bed and put a heating pad on your belly. Your abdominal muscles will relax and the pain will lessen or disappear. If you can, try falling asleep and give your body some rest.

3. Warm shower

Obviously, menstrual discomfort is a good enough reason to soak in a steamy, sudsy bath or take a long, window-fogging shower—but it turns out the heat can also be beneficial to the body. Take a few minutes to nourish your body with a warm shower. It will help you ease the pain and you will feel fresher.

4. Meditation

Try one of the meditation exercises from your Bellabeat Wellness Coach app to help relieve the tension from your body. There’s one designed specifically for this kind of pain.

5. Massage

There’s nothing a good old-fashioned massage won’t cure. It can help calm the uterus and help to prevent uterine spasms. Massages should be centered on the abdomen region to better treat menstrual cramps. However, a full-body massage that relieves tension can also aid in the relief of menstrual cramps. Treat yourself to a nice massage with essential oils to let go of all that stress in your body caused by menstrual cramps.

Is there anything else we forgot but helps you a lot when it comes to relieving menstrual pain?

Share your wisdom and experiences with us and help other women reading this put an end to menstrual pain.