Period Sex 101



Riding a Crimson Tide, Sailing the red sea. All of these mean the same, yet it’s still taboo.

Having sex on your period has been frown upon for ages and we’re not really sure of the reason behind it. The story of shaming period sex starts way back and its roots come from the shaming of periods themselves.

The stigma attached to periods somehow transferred to the idea of period sex, turning it from something normal and fun to something embarrassing and disgusting.

In a study from 2018, almost 42% of women participants said they experienced period-shaming, mostly coming from family and male friends and colleagues. A startling 44 percent of men admit that they made a joke or a statement about the mood of their girlfriend when she was on her period. Conditions are even worse in the workplace, where more than half of the men surveyed (51%) believe it is unacceptable for women to mention their menstrual cycles publicly at work.

And when you add sex to the equation, it’s no wonder the results are so discouraging.

But, not everything is so dark. In recent years, the stigma surrounding periods was challenged by many women and significant progress has been made. Not only has it become more popularized, but fewer people feel the need to hide it. Due to this, we decided to compile a list of the best tips and tricks for having period sex.

In the end—period sex is like ice cream. If you want it, go get it.

What counts as sex?

To start talking about sex, we need to define what we think sex is. For some, it’s the penis-in-vagina thing, for others it can be oral, anal, or all of them.

Whichever you think, it’s fine, just make sure to include other options when discussing your period sex.

In case you’re more on the no-sex-on-my-period side, remember there’s more to it than just penetration. In case you’d like to do something with your partner, but you’re worried about the blood, menstrual cups or tampons are your friends!

Pop them in and give some love to the rest of your body and try clitoral stimulation.

Is getting dirty a thing?

The main reason most people don’t like the idea of having sex during their period is the fact it does get messy.

But blood, unlike other bodily fluids, doesn’t contribute to any infections and will not cause any harm when in touch with the rest of your body- if it cannot hurt your vagina, it won’t hurt his penis.

If you’re scared of getting your sheets dirty, make sure to place a dark towel underneath you (or have sex in the shower, it does make you clean) or simply use darker sheets you can easily wash on high temperatures.

Don’t forget to use protection

Some may not know it or at least don’t think about that, but it’s actually possible to get pregnant even on your period. As the sperm can survive for up to 5 days, the time can overlap with your ovulation and there is a chance of pregnancy.

Make sure to use some form of protection, whether a condom or other hormonal methods and, if you’re on the pill, check your instructions for information on whether you need additional protection during menstruation.

Don’t be ashamed

There’s nothing shameful about the natural processes of your body. It’s something half of the population does at some stage of their life and it’s completely normal.

Whether you’re already experienced or you’re just starting to get a hang of it, period sex can be an enjoyable experience for both you and your partner. In case the cycles were reversed and men had their periods, it would most likely be something completely usual.

So why are we letting it be taboo?

Drop the painkillers

Not only is it pleasurable, but period sex is also great for your cramps. With your body being more sensitive, it’s easier to orgasm. And we all know orgasm can do wonders for our cramps.

Dopamine, a substance released by your brain when orgasming, has been proven to reduce cramps and can help with that heavy feeling we sometimes experience.

It may not help with those heavy cramps some may have, but it’s a natural muscle relaxer.

With so many great reasons to have sex on our periods, it’s a wonder so few women do it!