Bellabeat Establishes $10 Million Fund Focusing On Postnatal Depression



This fund is a call to action and aims to bring more attention to postnatal depression as well as incentivize institutes, companies, and clinics in the space to look for viable, holistic health solutions regarding the issue that is postnatal depression. The $10 million will be deployed to selected candidates over a one-year-period.

Postnatal depression is one of society’s most complex and overlooked issues. According to our data, 3 out of 10 women have to deal with postnatal depression. Unfortunately, it is, more often than not, diagnosed way too late, making the postnatal journey for many women way harder than it needs to be, and sometimes even downright traumatic.

Our goal at Bellabeat has always been to empower women and help them reach the best possible health and wellness, which we partly achieve by putting forward issues that are not talked about enough. Because of this, we are developing algorithms that will detect conditions such as postnatal depression early on and detect when you need help. Besides our own in-house research, we are also investing up to $10 million in innovative solutions from various scientific and medical projects with promising potential in the maternal health field.

With our investments in promising scientific studies, health, and medical startups, as well as innovative therapies, we are aiming to implement these solutions into our Bellabeat women’s health and wellness platform that already offers personalized, holistic wellness programs to over 8 million women across the globe.

In addition to our own technologies, such as the Bellabeat wellness tracking device Ivy, which can monitor women’s heart rate variability, resting heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep quality and duration, menstrual cycle, breathing, and more, we have already invested in US clinics that are fighting postnatal depression, and we also partnered with Ede Frecska, who specializes in innovative psychotherapies.

If you want to help women have a better quality of life and are looking for a way to further your studies or projects regarding postnatal depression, you can get in contact with us via