Bellabeat Launches Corporate Wellness Program



Today we are happy to announce the launch of our new corporate wellness program. The goal of this program is to help businesses improve employee engagement and productivity as well as revenue. Businesses expect their employees to be present, engaged, and productive. However, employees are not necessarily productive just because they are physically present at work.

Employee wellbeing matters

In fact, employee disengagement costs US companies an estimated $500 billion in lost productivity annually. Many employees are disengaged or work inefficiently because of wellness-related issues, like dehydration, overworking, poor diet, insufficient sleep, or stress. With our data-driven and holistic approach, our Bellabeat corporate wellness program aims to improve women’s wellness to enhance their productivity at work.

Not only does it help employees eat better and move more, but it also supports them with issues such as stress management and reduction or improving the quality and quantity of sleep. Through education, it enables women to build new habits and create a mindset that promotes healthy living and decision-making. By leading a lifestyle that is healthier and more balanced, women will be more engaged and productive at work.

“By working with larger forward-thinking companies, we found out employers don’t want to track their employees, they simply want them to be happier and more productive – therefore we created a dashboard exclusively for employees to view and share their wellness between colleagues.” – Melanie Messina, Head of Product

Employees are given an overview of the collective wellness among their peers through the shared dashboard displaying wellness averages and overall data – individual employees can further control their privacy settings, choosing what they want to share with their colleagues. This results in the perfect balance between performance overview and individual privacy.

Bellabeat is not just a one-size-fits-all app. Thanks to the powerful AI that drives it, it is able to learn, adapt, and become more accurate to provide a unique, fully-integrated, and ultra-personalized experience tailored to each user. The Bellabeat corporate wellness program can also be used in combination with other Bellabeat products, such as Leaf, Time, or Spring, for added features and tracking.

Since Bellabeat’s foundation in 2013, we have helped millions of women all over the globe improve their wellness and productivity. Now that we are offering a corporate wellness program, businesses are able to help their female employees be the best they can be. With improved employee wellness, companies will also see improved employee productivity and increased revenue.