Lego and Novo Nordisk Board Member Jeppe Christiansen Joins Bellabeat



SAN FRANCISCO — Bellabeat, a leading data-oriented wellness company, is pleased to announce that Jeppe Christiansen, a renowned economist with an MSc in Economics from the University of Copenhagen and decades of professional experience, is joining as a board member.Christiansen currently is the CEO of Maj Invest, a Copenhagen-based asset management company that he founded in 2004, and was re-elected as vice chair of Novo Nordisk in March2020.

Novo Nordisk is a Danish multinational pharmaceutical company with production facilities in eight and offices in five countries. In 2019, Novo Nordisk’s revenue amounted to roughly $19.2 billion. Further, Christiansen is also a member of the board at KIRKBI, the parent organization of The Lego Group holding 75 percent of its shares. The Lego Group has been the world’s largest toy manufacturer by revenue since 2015. It has 42 offices and employs over 18,800 employees.

Having worked in the financial sector as an economist and investment manager since 1986, Christiansen brings a lot of experience to the table and is looking to help Bellabeat reach the next level.Over the past four years, Bellabeat delivered cutting-edge designs in the wellness tracking sector. More recently, it introduced personalized wellness programs that use a holistic data approach to help women reach their wellness goals.

With about 50,000 new data sets per user, Bellabeat uses women’s menstrual cycles in the center of its algorithm and provides each woman with the optimal way to reach her goals in accordance with her cycle, potentially cutting the time needed to reach those goals by up to 40 percent.The new board member Jeppe Christiansen has the economic knowledge and expertise to bring the innovative Bellabeat with its unique data approach to new heights.

“The menstrual cycle is a big part of just about any woman’s life. It affects the hormonal balance of the body, and, thus, it has a big impact on women’s wellbeing. With the Bellabeat Leaf and its accompanying app, women can track just about everything that might have an impact on their health or performance. This knowledge can then help them optimize their lives. While Bellabeat has seen success since 2017, the company has now added the economist Jeppe Christiansen to its board in an effort to advance the wellness tech industry even further.” Yola Robert for Forbes

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